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   Is it safe to receive packages or parcels from areas where the Covid-19 virus has spread in the community?

Given that SARS-Cov2 cannot survive on surfaces for a long period of time, the risk of transmission from products or packages that have travelled for days or weeks in ambient temperature is low. Coronaviruses are mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets.


There are currently no indications suggesting SARS– CoV2 transmission through contact with products/ packages imported from affected areas, nor are there any reported cases associated with such a way of transmission.


How can I protect myself against COVID-19?


- Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or a disinfectant and avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth) with your hands.
- Cover your cough or sneezes with a tissue which you must dispose of straightaway using a rubbish bin. If you don’t have a tissue, use your elbow.
- If you experience mild symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat) stay home in isolation.
- If symptoms become worse or if you are considered high-risk (elderly or people of any age with underlying health conditions e.g. diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, arterial hypertension), you should immediately contact your physician for evaluation.
- If you are under medication, you must comply with your doctors’ advice.
- You should not come in contact with people who show symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat).
- Avoid gatherings, social events, visits to other houses and crowded open spaces.
- Avoid any unnecessary travels abroad or within the country.
- Do not visit your doctor or a health unit if you develop mild symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat).
- Strictly avoid visits to patients in hospitals.
- Strictly avoid contact with people in high-risk groups. If this is not possible, take all personal hygiene measures (wash your hands thoroughly, use a mask or keep a 2-meter distance from one another).




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